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Pearl Onions and Peas in Cream Sauce

Pearl Onions Peeled

Baby Onions
  or                20 Nos or 1 Packet fresh
Pearl Onions        
Peas                1 Cup
Cream               3/4 Cup.
Flour               1 tsp.
Salt & 
Fresh ground pepper To Taste.
Oil                 1 Tbsp.
Method :  

Peel the Onions according to Package Directions. OR
Soak the Onions in Boiling water for 5 minutes & rinse in cold water.
Trim the edges & Peel the skin.

Heat a Pan wiht oil , add in the onions & cover to cook for few minutes.
Stir in the peas & cover to cook. Mix flour with cream & whisk slowly to
Peas & Onion mixture. Add salt, Pepper & cook till it reaches Sauce consistency.
Enjoy as a side dish or mix in any cooked pasta for a great pasta dish.