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Black Bean & Fruit Salad

Black Beans

Black Beans dried/canned    1 Cup.
Mango Chopped               1 No.
Pineapple Chopped           1/2 Cup.
Onion small minced          1 No.                
Garlic clove minced         1 No.
Red Pepper flakes           1/4 Tsp.
Fresh Cilantro chopped      Garnishing.
Salt                        To Taste.
Fresh lime Juice            3 Tsp / to Taste. 

Method :  

If using fresh Beans rinse & Soak in water overnight.
Simmer with 3 Cups of water over medium heat until tender.
Drain & rinse in cold water until cool.
Add all other ingredients to cooked beans & toss till mixed.
Let it sit for sometime for flavors to combine before serving.

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