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Egg Plant Curry


Eggplant             1 Nos or 8 Small Nos.
Onion (chopped)      3 Nos
Tomato(chopped)      6 Nos
Ginger(chopped)      a small piece 
Garlic (chopped)     4 Cloves
Chilli powder        3 Tsp
Oil	             3 Tbsp.
Lemon Juice          3 Tbsp.
salt as required
Method :  

Cut the Eggplants into small pieces.
Fry the onions,garlic,ginger on a frying pan with oil for 3 minutes.. 
Add brinjals and tomatoes together with the chillipowder.
Let it cook till the brinjals become soft and the gravy is thick.
Then add lemonjuice.  Stir it well.