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Cilantro Powder



Cilantro       1 Big Bunch.
Tamarind dry   lime size Ball.
Hot Oil        2 Tbsp.

Wash & chop cilantro finely ,including the stalks and let  drain.
Spread in a kitchen towel/news paper & let  dry for about 20 mins.  

Dry Grind to Powder:  

Oil                  2 Tsp.
Urad Dal             1 Tbsp.
Dry Red Chillies     To Taste.
Salt                 To Taste.
Asafotedia           1 Tsp.

Roast Dal in 1 tsp of oil till  red in Colour & keep aside.
In the same pan add 1 tsp of oil  & fry Chillies .
When cool, dry grinder to powder by adding salt & asafotedia.

Method :  

Add Cialantro, tamarind to the powder mixture & dry grind nicely & keep aside.
Add 2 tbsp of Hot oil & mix nicely let it cool -
Store in airtight containers .
Use for Curd Rice; or just mix with Hot Rice & ghee & or eat as it is .
I hope some of you will try out this Podi & let me have your comments on it.
I do have a few other home made recipes & I hope will be able to publish it.