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Fat-free Cole Slaw

Cabbage Green

Fat-free Yogurt plain       1/2 Cup.
Carrot Shredded             1/2 Cup.
Green Cabbage Shredded      1/2 Cup.
Red Cabbage  Shredded       1/4 Cup.
Green Pepper minced         1/4 Cup.
Green Bell Pepper
Celery minced               1/4 Cup.
Garlic crushed              1 Clove.
Cilantro fresh              1 Tbsp.
Vinegar any flavor          1 Tbsp.
Honey (optional)            1 Tsp.

Method :  

Mix Yogurt,vinegar,cilantro & honey.
Add to the Veges & marinate atleast an hour.
Toss & Serve.

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