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Corn Sandwich


Corn                 1 No
Green Onion          1 No finely Chopped
Salt ,pepper         Acc to Taste
Mint,cilantro leaves 1 Tsp. Each per Sandwich.
Cheese               1 Tsp Shredded per Sandwich.
Oil                  1 Tsp.


Spread the Margarine on the bread.

Cut the corn from the cobs.
Heat a pan with oil, Add the Green Onions & saute.
Add cut corn ,salt, cover & cook till corn is tender.
Add the leaves, Pepper powder & stir to combine.

Now you have 2 ways of enjoying it  !.

1...  Place the Corn mixture in between two bread slices along with Cheese.
      Toast on a sandwich toaster & Enjoy.


2....  Place the mixture on a slice of bread . Sprinkle with some cheese
       & grill till the cheese melts . 

Either way they are delicious . So Enjoy this tasty sandwich.