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Couscous with ginger & fresh Vegetable

Ingredients :

Plain Couscous     1 Cup
Onion              1 No chopped lengthwise
Green Beans        10 chopped lengthwise
Potato             1 No chopped lengthwise
Carrot             1 NO Jullinned 
Peas               1/4 cup 
Ginger             2 " inch piece finely chopped
serrano chili      1 NO finely chopped
Salt               Acc to taste
Oil                1 tbsp.
Water              2 Cups
Lemon juice        1 tbsp.
Fresh cilantro/parseley for Garnishing

Method :

Add Couscous to 2 Cups of boiling water & set aside.

Heat a pan with Oil ,add  Onions & fry till translucent.
Add Ginger, serranos & stir for a moment & then add vegetables One by One.
Add salt. stir, cover & cook at lower heat till the veges are done.
Keep stirring in between .This will take roughly about 10-15 minutes.

Fluff the Couscous with a fork & add the veges ,lemon juice & mix.
adjust the seasoning & serve Garnished with Parsely .

This can be made ahead & stored in refrigerator.
Re-heat in Microwave when necessary.

This is good Party dish too & does not involve much time in preparing the dish.