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Just Okra


Okra            1/2 Pound.
salt            To Taste.
 or             1 Tsp or To Taste.
Chilli Powder   
Tumeric         1/2 Tsp.
Oil             2 Tsp.
Plain Yogurt    1 Tbsp.
Mustard Seeds   1 Tsp.

Method :  

Wash & Cut the Okra into round pieces.
Heat oil in a pan add in Mustard seeds.
Stir OKra.Mix spices & cover.Cook on low flame.
Add Yogurt & stir & cook till it is dry.
Enjoy as a side dish.

P.S : Okra has a tendency to stick the pan.
Adding Yogurt prevents it from sticking , 
gives a tart flavor to the vege & helps maintain the green color.

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