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Mashed Sweet Apples



Apples            4 Nos. 
Sugar             5 Tbsp.
Melted Butter     1 Cup.
Saffron(optional) a pinch.
lemon juice       1 Tsp.                   
Raisins           1/4 Cup.

Garnishing :  

Silvered Almonds     1/4 Cup
Whipped Cream        optional

Method :  

Peel & core & keep them in water mixed with lemon juice.
Grate Apples.Melt the butter in a heavy bottomed pan.
Add Apples & saffron dissolved in a tsp warm water.
keep stirring till all water is absorbed.
Mix sugar,raisins & stir till apples are completely cooked.
Garnish with Almonds & enjoy warm with a dollop of cream.

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