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Mash Potato with Ginger & Lemon


Potatoes large            4 Nos.
Ginger finely Chopped     1 small piece.
Serrano Chilli Pepper     2 Nos or to taste.
Salt                      to Taste.
Lemon juice               2 Tbsp or to taste.
Cilantro chopped          For Garnishing.
Oil                       2 Tsp.
Mustard seeds             1 Tsp for seasoning.

Method :  

Boil,peel & coarse mash the Potatoes.Finely chop the serranos.
Heat Oil in a wok/pan & season with mustard seeds.
Add in ginger, serrano & fry for a minute.
Mix in Mash Potatoes , salt & stir till combined. 
Add lemon juice & ganish with cilantro .
Adjust the seasoning & serve as a side dish.

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