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Green Mung Bean Salad

Green Mung Beans
Ingredients : 

Green Mung Beans         1 Cup.
Water                    2 Cups.
Onion Medium size        1 No Chopped.
Salt                     Acc to Taste.
Green Serrano Chillies   1 No.
Lemon juice              1 Tbsp.
Oil                      1 Tbsp.
Mustard seeds black      1 Tsp.(optional)

Method : Dry fry the mung bean in a pan till warm. Add water & cover to cook for a good 20-35 minutes till tender & done. If Pressure cooking ,cook till one whistle . Slowly start releasing the weight after 5 minutes. Drain & reserve the water . Heat the same pan with oil , add chillies, Onion & fry till translucent. Add the Cooked beans, salt & stir to combine. Add the reserved bean water if too thick. Add lemon Juice & adjust the seasoning & serve warm. It is a good breakfast/potluck & nutritious dish.

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This graphic is taken from Philippine Vege Page.