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Cheese& Mixed Vegetable Parathas.


For Dough

Atta (Wheat Flour) 2 handful
Salt  as per taste
 spoon Garam masala ,Tumeric & red chilly powder.

For stuffing: 

1 tbsp. Cheese
Finely chopped boiled carrots, cauliflower & garden peas
Finely chopped onion,2 small green chillies,coriander
 spoon each of  garam masala,red chilly powder & ajwain
Salt  as per taste 
Method :  

Knead the dough with all its ingredients. 
Mix all the ingredients for stuffing. 
Make 2 small balls and roll them into the shape of circular puris. 
Place the stuffing on one puri, cover with another puri and press the edges together well.
Roll out to size of paratha. Fry on tava till brown on normal flame. 
Serve hot with butter or Potato Yogurt Salad .