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Pineapple Yogurt Salad


Fresh Pineapple          1/2 Cup Peeled & Cubed.
Pineapple cubes
Yogurt                   1 Cup
Coconut                  1 Tbsp.
Cumin seeds              1/4 Tsp.
Green Serrno chilli      1/2 .
Salt                     To taste.

Seasoning (optional):  

Butter/Ghee/Oil          1 Tsp.
Mustard seeds            1/2 Tsp.

Method :  

Cook the pineapple in a cup of boiling water for  5 minutes & Drain.
Blend Coconut,Cumin & Chilli to a paste & mix with Yogurt.Add salt . 
Heat butter in a small pan & season with mustard seeds.
Mix everything together , Chill & Serve.

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