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Potato Sandwich


Bread  Fresh          1 Loaf
Potatoes              2 Nos  Chopped finely.
Oil                   2 Tsp.
Onions                1 No Chopped finely.
Salt & Chilli Powder  To Taste.
Cumin Powder          1 Tsp.
Cilantro leaves       For Garnishing.
Cheese Singles        1 Per Sandwich(optional)
Margarine             As Spread.


Heat oil in a pan, Add in the Onions & fry.
Reduce the flame & add in Potatoes , salt.
Cover to cook for few minutes.
Keep stirring in between to prevent from sticking.
Sprinkle water if too dry.
Add the Spices,garnish with cilantro leaves & let it cool.

Take a slice & spread with margarine.
In another slice , scoop in potato mixture.
Press with cheese single & press the two slices together.

Your Potato Sandwich is ready to take out/enjoy as is.

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