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Pumpkin Yogurt Salad


Small Yellow Pumpkin 1 No.
Plain Yogurt         2 Cups.
Coconut Grated       1/2 Cup.
Cilantro leaves      For Garnish. 
Salt                 To taste.

Seasoning :  

Oil                  1 Tbsp.
Mustard seeds        1/2 Tsp.
Green Chilli         To Taste.

Method :  

Peel & cut the pumpkin into 1 inch long piece.
Cook in boiling water for a minute & immediately drain excess water.
Whip Yogurt thick,add Pumpkin,coconut,salt & garnish with cialntro leaves.
Heat Oil & add the seeds & Chilli. Mix with the salad
Serve Chilled.

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