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Pumpkin Stew


Pumpkin Peeled     
& sliced to Chunks     1 Cup.
Mushrooms Chopped      1/2 Cup.
Garlic Crushed         1 No.
Ginger paste           1 Tsp.
Chilli Powder          To Taste.
Salt                   To Taste.
Brown Sugar            1 Tsp.
Flour                  1 Tsp.
Water                  3 Cups or as necessary
Oil                    1 Tbsp

Method :  

Heat Oil in a pan,fry ginger & garlic briefly.
Add in Pumpkin slices & fry for a minute.
Add Mushroom slices,salt,brown sugar,chilli Powder.
Mix gently,add water , allow it boil & simmer .
Cook till pumpkin is done roughly about 15 minutes.
Make a paste of flour & stir with the stew to thicken.
Adjust the seasoning & Enjoy with Plain Rice.

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