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Rice Krispies Snack

rice kispies cereal

Rice Krispies        1 Packet     
Garlic (chopped)     5 flakes
Dry Red Chillies     5 /as per taste.
(substitute with red pepper flakes)  
Peanuts              Handful
Roasted Channa Dal   Handful(optional)        
Curry leaves         About 10 or 12 
Salt                 as per taste
Mustard              1 Tsp.
Oil                  1 Tsp.
Method :  

Heat oil in pan,add mustard seeds,garlic,dal,peanuts,chillies & curry leaves .
After a minute stir in rice krispies.Sprinkle salt .
Stir the whole mixture until it is quite warm say about 5 to 10 min.
It is done and ready to eat.
Store it in an airtight container and have can at any time ,it is fat and cholestrol free.