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Sweet Potato Relish

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato      1/2 Cup Peeled & Diced.
Red Onions        2 Tsp Chopped
Green Bell Pepper 1/4 cup diced.
Red Bell Pepper   1/4 Cup diced.
Zucchini          1/4 Cup diced.
Salt & Pepper     TO Taste.
Oil               1 Tbsp.
Stock/water       1/4 Cup.
Cold Better       1 Tbsp. 

Method :  

Heat a Saute Pan with oil,cook Sweet Potatoes.
Add onions & cook for 2 minutes,add Peppers & stir.
Add little stock , Stirring frequently.....
Mix in Zucchini & cook further for few minutes,
Check to see that Sweet Potatoes are tender...
Season with Salt & Pepper.....
Enjoy as it is or as a bed for your favorite dish....

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