Aloo tikki with Cauliflower stuffing



Potatoes boiled,peeled  4 Nos.
Bread slices            10 Nos.
Salt & chilli powder    To Taste.
Garam Masala Powder     1/2 Tsp.
Oil for deep/shallow frying.                 

For Stuffing 

Cauliflower Chopped     1 Cup  
Onion minced            1/2 Cup.
Tomato diced            1/2 Cup.
Ginger-garlic paste     1/2 Tsp.
Salt & Chilli Powder    To Taste.
Oil                     2 Tsp.        

Method :  

Mash the potaotes.Trim crusts from the bread.
Dip the bread in water for a second & squeeze off the water.
Mix,Potatoes,bread,salt,spices to form a dough & set aside.
Heat oil in a pan & cook the stuffing ingredients.
Cook till moisture from tomato is evaporated & flower fully done.
Take a ping-pong size ball of Potato mixture .
Make a whole & spoon stuffing & cover , & gently flatten a little.
Deep or Shaloow fry in oil till browned on both the size & enjoy!.

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