Bell Pepper,Lemon & Coconut Rice

Green Bell Pepper


Bell Peppers/Capsicums     1 Cup Diced.
Peas                       1/2 Cup.
Roasted Peanuts            1/2 Cup.
Salt                       TO Taste.
Grated Coconut             1 Tbsp.
Lemon Juice                To Taste.  
Oil                        1 Tbsp.
Mustards seeds             1 Tsp.
Tumeric                    1/4 Tsp.
Rice                       1 Cup.
Water                      2 Cups.

Method :  

Cook Rice Seperately & cool.Wash the veges & drain.
Heat a pan with oil & season with Mustard seeds.
Add in the veges, salt,tumeric & cover to cook for few minutes.
When done stir in coconut,nuts & fry briefly.
Off the stove,add lemon juice & mix in the rice.
Adjust the seasoning & Enjoy with Chips or any side dish.

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