Bombay Chutney

Ingredients :
Onion big         1 No cut lengthwise
Tomatoes big      1 No cut lengthwise
Capsicum          1 No cut lengthwise
Beasen            1 Tbsp
salt              Acc to taste
Tumeric           1 Tsp.
Coriander leaves  for garnishing

Seasoning :

Mustard seeds    1 Tsp.
Urad dal         1 Tsp.
Channa dal       1 Tsp.
Green chilies    Acc to taste slit lengthwise.
Oil              1 Tbsp.


Heat Oil in a pan & do the seasoning.
Add the Onions & fry till translucent.Add tomatoes & salt.
Fry till the juices comes out . Add capsicum,tumeric & cook.
Mix beasen in enough water to make a thick paste & add.
Cook stirring frequently.Garnish with coriander leaves.

A quick & tasty side dish for Rotis or puri's.

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