Warm Fusilli with Cherry Tomatoes & Watercress


Fusilli Pasta       12 oz packet.
Cherry Tomatoes     1 Pound red & yellow halved.
Red Pepper small    1 No chopped.
Olive               1/4 cup Pitted & Chopped.
Shallots            2 Nos finely Chopped.
Jalepeno Chillies   1 No seeded & minced.
Garlic              1 No minced.
lemon juice         2 Tbsp.
Salt & pepper       Acc to taste.
Oregano(optional)   1 Tsp.Fresh or Dried. 
Basil               1 Tsp chopped.
Mint(optional)      1 Tsp. chopped.
Olive Oil           2 Tbsp.
Watercress          1/2 Bunch stems discarded & chopped.
Cheese              To taste - (I prefer Asiago cheese).  


Combine Pepper,shallots,Jalepenos, garlic,salt,pepper,lemom juice in a bowl.
Let stand for 10 minutees.Add tomatoes,olives,herbs ,olive oil & mix.
Cook the Pasta according to package directions & drain.
Add the marinated mixture to warm Pasta with watercress.
Adjust the seasoning & sprinkle with Cheese to serve.