Ingredients :

Poha thin           2 cups
Peanuts               1/2 cup fried
Cashews               1/2 cup fried
Raisins               1/4 cup fried
Hing                  1 tsp
Green Chillies/pwd    2 nos/1 tsp
tumeric               1 tsp
salt                  to taste   
oil                   for tempering
mustard seeds         1 tsp
curry leaves          few.


In a pan heat some oil & do the seasoning with mustard,hing,curryleaves,
tumeric,chilliies/pwd. Saute for a minute. Add the poha & salt.
Saute till all the ingredients gets mixed .Drain in paper towel & let it cool.

In a big mixing vessel add the poha,peanuts,cashews & raisins.adjust to taste.

Let it cool completely . serve or store in airtight containers 

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