Cauliflower & Mint Pilaf



Rice                 1 Cup
Water                1 Cup.
Cauliflower florets  1/2 Cup.
Mint chopped         1/4 Cup.
Cilantro Chooped     1 Tbsp.
Onion minced         1/4 Cup.
Tomato diced         1 No.
Ginger-Garlic Paste  1 Tsp.
Salt & chilli Powder To Taste.
Coriander Powder     1 Tsp.
Oil                  1 Tbsp.
Bay leaf             1 No.
Cumin seeds          1 Tsp.

Method :  

Wash,drain rice & set aside.
Heat a pan with oil,fry bay leaf & Cumin seeds briefly.
Add Onions & fry. Stir ginger-garlic paste,Mint & Cilantro.
Mix in tomatoes & cook till juice wilts from tomato.
Add Florets, salt,chilli ,Coriander powder & mix well.
Mix rice,veges & a cup of water & cook till rice is done.
Adjust the seasoning & Serve warm with chips or yogurt salad of your choice.

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