Dahi Vada/Thair Vadai

Ingredients : 

Urad Dal                1 Cup - Type of lentil mostly found in Indian grocery stores.
Ginger                  1 inch Piece.
Salt                    To taste.
Oil                     For Deep Frying.
Fresh Thick Yogurt      3 Cups.
Warm water              2-3 Cups.  

Grind to Paste : 

Coconut grated         2 Tbsp.
Green Chillies         2 Nos. ot To taste.
Cashew                 4 NOs.
salt                   1/2 tsp. 

Garnish - 1 : 

Cilantro leaves   1/2 Cup Finely chopped

Garnish = 2 : 

Roasted Cumin Powder   1 Tsp.
Red Chilli Powder      1 Tsp.

Method : 

Soak the Urad Dal for an hour. 
Grind with ginger,salt with as little water as possible.
Heat the Oil in a wok.
Take a ball size batter & make a whole in the center with your Thumb.
Deep fry till Golden brown . When done dip in warm water & take out immediately.

Whip the Curds thick & add the Paste.
Add in the Vada's & soak it for a minimum of 3 hrs in refrigerator
Serve chilled with little more curds on top with Garnish-1.

If using Garnish-2 do not add the paste. soak in plain curds.