Fruit Chutney


Tomatoes Ripe & Large    2 Nos
Water                    1 Cup
Sugar                    2 Cups
Mixed Fresh Fruits       1 Cup (Apples.Bananna,Pineapple,Mango,Berries,Pears Etc)
Vanilla Essence          1/2 Tsp.

For Garnishing 

Cashew Nuts           few
Butter/Ghee           1 Tsp.


Puree Tomatoes to a smooth Paste adding water.
Wash Peel & dice the fruits to small Pieces.
Add tomato Puree,fruits ,sugar & cook till raw smell of tomato disappears.
After the fruits gets cooked & comes to a thick consistency,Mix the essence.
Heat the Butter in another small pan & fry the cashew pieces & mix with fruits.

Enjoy warm or chilled, as a spread,or as is or as a sweeet side dish.

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