Fruit and Nut Rice


Basmati rice              2 Cups
Hot water                 4 Cups
Butter                    2 Tbsp. 
Oil                       2 Tbsp
Garlic Cloves,crushed     2 Nos.
Onion,finely chopped      1 No.
Bay Leaf                  1 No.
Cumin seeds               1 Tsp.
Clove                     1 No. 
Cinammon stick            1 No.
Saffron                   A tiny pinch.  
Chopped dried apricots    1/2 Cup.
Roasted unsalted cashews  1/2 Cup.
Pistachio nuts            1/2 Cup.
Method :  

Wash & drain rice.Heat butter,oil in large pan.
Add garlic,onion,spices.cook stirring,1 minute.
Stir rice until coated, add water and saffron.
Bring to boil,cover, reduce heat to very low.
Steam 20 minutes or until water is absorbed.
Add apricots, cover & cook over low heat 10 minutes,
stir in cashews, serve sprinkled with pistachios. 

Method :