Fusilli Pasta With Peppers & Onions

Ingredients : 

Fusilli Pasta        1 Packet.
Red Peppers          1 No large.
Yellow Peppers       1 No large.
Onion                1 No.
Oil                  2 Tsp.
Salt & Pepper        Acc to taste
Cheese               As Sprinkle
Parsley              For Garnishing.

Method : 

Cook the Pasta According to the  Package direction.
Roast the Peppers in the oven or on stovetop.
Peel & cut into thin strips. Cut Onions to similar shape.                  
Heat oil in a pan , add onions fry till translucent.
Add Peppers, salt , pepper & stir.
Add in the drained Pasta, Adjust the seasoning.
Garnish with Parsley ,Cheese & Serve Hot.