Garlic Bread- Cheesy


French Bread Unsliced      1 loaf.
Garlic clove halved        4 Nos.
Butter/margarine softened  1/2 Cup.
Chives/Parseley            1 tsp.
Provolone Cheese           
  or                       1/4 Cup. 
Parmesan Cheese       

Method :  

Combine herbs,butter,cheese,2 garlic cloves.
Marinate in Refrigerator a day or 2 in advance. 
Soften at room temparature before using. Pre-heat oven to 375 F. 
Slice bread with 1-inch intervals without cutting all the way through.
Rub slices with remaining garlic halves & mince them.
Combine with butter mixture & spread in between slices & on top if any left.
Wrap with foil leaving top partially uncovered . Bake 15 minutes or heated through.

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