Cabbage with split Peas

Ingredients : 

Cabbage small        1 No Chopped.

Onion small          1 NO. Chopped.
Jalepeno Chillies    Acc to taste , minced.
Yellow Split Peas    1/2 Cup.*
Oil                  2 Tbsp.
Mustards seeds       1 Tsp.
Cumin seeds          1 Tsp.
Salt                 To taste.
Coconut              1/4 Cup shredded.
Cilantro             For Garnishing.

Method : 
Soak the Peas for an hour & cook seperately till soft.
Drain the water & Reserve.
Heat oil in a pan , add Mustard ,cumin seeds & jalepenos.
Add in the Onions,fry briefly , then add in cabbage & salt.
mix & Cover to cook . Keep stirring in between.
Once this is almost done , add split peas & mix.
Add the drained water if mixture is too thick.
Let it cook , add shredded Coconut in the end & mix.
Garnish with Cilantro leaves & serve as side dish for rice.

* Substitute Channa Dal if Split peas is not available.