Vegetable Lasagne


Lasagne pasta           1 Packet
Margarine,Oil           1 Tsp.         
Salt ,Pepper            Acc to taste.
Onion Small             1 No. Diced
Mixed Veges             1 Cup Cooked
White Sauce             1 Cup
Tomato Sauce            2 Cup
Mozarella & Any 
Other Cooking Cheese    Grated 


Pre-heat the Oven to 450 Degrees F .

Cook the Pasta Acc to Pacakge Directions, Drain.
Heat a pan with oil,add Onions, fry till translucent.
Add Mixed Veges, salt & pepper & cook till half done.
Grease Baking Dish & Pour Tomato Sauce on it.
Layer with Pasta sheet & Spread some Mixed veges on it.
Sprinkle some cheese, again tomato sauce, veges & cheese.
Repeat the procedure if necessary.Top with White Sauce & Cheese .

Bake For 20-25 minutes & Serve Hot.

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Variation : Crumble some Panner pieces in the mixed veges before adding to baking dish.