Methi Paratha

Ingrdients: rolling pin
      For Dough:
      Wheat Flour              2 Cups
      Methi washed & dried   1 bunch     
      salt                     1/2 tsp
      Cumin Powder             1/2 tsp
      Paprika                  1/2 tsp
      Olive oil                

     Mix flour,Methi ,salt & required water to make a dough consistency.
     Rub oil & knead it soft.Let it rest for an hour.

     With a help of a rolling pin take a lemon sized dough & roll it to Paratha shape.
     Heat a flat pan ,when it gets hot add the paratha & let it cook for a minute.
     When it starts to get small bubbles turn around & add a small tsp of oil
     around the paratha.
     when the brown spots appear take it out & keep it in an in a covered box.
     Serve hor or warm with Cucumber yogurt salad .

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