Mint Pulav

 Fresh Mint Ingredients

Basmati Rice                 1 cup 
water                        2 cups
Onions                       1 NO chopped lengthwise.
Salt                         To taste
Bay leaf                     2 Nos
Butter/Ghee/margarine        2 tbsp

Cashew  Roasted (optional)   1/4 cup For Garnishing.

Blend to Paste 

Mint                         1/2 bunch
Cilantro                     1/4 cup
Ginger                       1'inch piece 
Garlic                       1 NO 
green serrano Chillies       2 nos
Cinnamon                     1 piece
Cloves                       1 no 

Wash & dry the mint & Cilantro.Blend to a fine paste.


Soak The Basmati Rice in water for half an hour before cooking.
Wash & drain the rice.

In a rice cooker or in a pan take some butter/ghee.
AS it starts melting add  bay leaf.
fry for a minute add the paste let it cook for a couple of minutes
Add rice & salt.Fry it till all the rice is quoted with ghee & spices.
Add the water & cover the lid.

In a seperate pan add a little butter & fry the cashew pieces & keep aside.
in the same pan fry the onions till it turns translucent & brown.

Garnish the rice with cashews,onions & Serve with any Yogurt Salads.

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