Noodles Casserole


Noodles packet       2 No.
(Top Ramen Etc)
Veges Chopped        1 Cup.
(Potatoes,Carrots,Beans,Peas, Etc)
Onions small         1 No.Chopped.
Tomatoes             1 No.Chopped.
Ginger,Garlic Paste  1 Tsp.
Salt,Chilli Powder   To Taste.
Coriander Powder     To Taste.
Oil                  1 Tbsp.
Cilantro leaves      Garnishing.
Grated Cheese        Garnishing.

Method :  

Wash & Chop the veges.Heat oil in a pan.
Cook Onions briefly, stir ginger-garlic paste.
Add in tomatoes & cook till juice wilts.
Stir in veges,salt & cover to cook for 2-3 minutes.
Open the lid , add enough water, spice powders & allow to boil.
Mix in the noodles & stir till cooked.
Adjust seasoning,garnish with cilantro ,cheese & enjoy hot.

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