Onion Chutney

Ingredients :

Onions Big              1 no
Green chillies          2 nos
Red Chillies(dry)       2 nos
mustard seeds           1 tsp
urad dal                2 tsp
tamarind dry            1 small piece
salt                    to taste
brown sugar             1 tsp
oil                     1 tbsp  


Chop the Onions coraesly

In a pan heat the oil & add 1 tsp of urad dal,&chilliies. 
fry for a minute. Add the Onions & salt.Fry till all the ingredients
gets mixed & raw smell of onions are gone.

Let it cool completely . Add the tamarind,brown sugar & grind it to a fine paste .
DO the seasoning with the other tsp of urad dal , mustard seeds in a tsp of oil.

Enjoy with steaming Dosas  or just plain rice.