Penne Alfredo



Penne Pasta          1 Packet.
Skim Milk            4 Cups.
All Purpose Flour    1 Tbsp.
Butter               3 Tbsp.
Basil                2 Tsp.
Parsley              2 Tsp.
White Pepper,Salt    To Taste.
Garlic Crushed       1 No.
Broccoli Cut         1/2 Cup.
Carrot Diced         1/4 Cup.
Green Beans Chopped  5 Nos.
Olives               8 Nos.
Parmesan Cheese      Garnishing

White Sauce :  

Heat butter in a pan. When melt add flour. Stir well. 
Cook for about a minute on low flame. 
Add milk slowly while stirring. 
Add garlic, basil, white pepper and salt. 
Cook for a while. Remove from flame. 
The sauce is ready. 

Pasta :  

Cook Pasta According to Package directions.
Steam all the veges with little salt.
Mix Sauce & Veges.Add Penne. Adjust Seasonings.
Garnish with Parseley , Cheese & Enjoy Hot !.

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