Pasta Soup

Ingredients Tiny Pasta 1 Cup Alphabet pasta (Alphabets,Numbers or stars) Tomatoes Ripe 3 Nos Onions 1/2 Ginger 1 'inch piece Pepper corns few salt Acc to taste Cinnamon 1/4 stick Bay leaf 1 No. sugar 1 tsp Margarine 2 Tsp. Cilantro leaves Garnishing water Method Choose any variety of tiny pasta's like Alphabets ,stars. Boil in suffient water, drain & reserve the water. Chop Onions,tomatoes,ginger into chunks. Heat the Pressure cooker add margarine. When it starts to melt , add bayleaf,cinnamon.ginger,peppercorns. Fry for a minute, then mix in the onions & cook till translucent. Add in tomatoes,salt,sugar & cook briefly. Add the reserved pasta water & cook till one whistle. Cool & blend to smooth using handblender/mixer. Transfer to the pan , mix with the pasta , add water if too thick. Heat till combined & adjust the seasoning. Serve hot garnished with cilantro leaves & tiny scoop of margarine on top.

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