Pitlai - Bitter Melon with Tamarind & Spices


Gorbanzo Beans         1 Cup .
Bitter Melon/Pavakai   1 No Cut into small pieces.
Bitter Melon 
Tamarind               1 Lemon size 
Salt                   Acc to taste.
Toor Dal               1/2 Cup.
Hing                   2 Tsp.
Oil                    2 Tsp.
Tumeric                1 tsp.
Brown sugar/jaggery    1 tsp.
Fry in a tsp of oil & grind to paste 

Dhania Seeds        2 Tsp.
Channa Dal          1 Tsp.
Red Chilies         Acc to Taste.
Urad Dal            1 Tsp.
Black Pepper corns  1/4 tsp.
Coconut(optional)   1/4 Cup. 

Margarine          1 tsp.
Mustard Seeds      1 tsp.
Urad dal           1 tsp.
Curry leaves       few.
Red chilies        optional.

Soak the Beans overnight & pressure Cook Beans & dal seperately.
Soak the tamarind in water & extract the juice.
Heat the pan with oil & add the veges, salt , hing,& tumeric.
Add the tamarind extract,brownsugar & let it cook till 
tamarind leaves its raw smell.
Add paste, beans, dal mix & allow to cook for few minutes.
Adjust the seasoning &  Serve hot wiht rice.

PS : Subsititute Eggplant for bittergourd & peanuts for Gorbanzo.
This graphic is taken from Philippine Vege Page.