Peas Mushroom


Green peas       1 Cup
Sliced mushrooms 1 cup
Onion sliced     1 No,     
Tomato Chopped   1 No.
Cilantro         Garnish
Oil/Margarine    1 Tbsp.  
Salt             To Taste.


Grated coconut    1/4 Cup
Green chillies    2 Nos 
Garlic clove      2 N0s 
Ginger piece      1 No
Cinnamon, cloves  1 No

Grind to a fine paste.	

Method :  

Heat oil,and fry sliced onion to a golden brown.Add paste.
Mix in tomato,peas,mushrooms & salt. Cook briefly.
Add a cup of water & simmer on a slow  fire  till done. 
Garnish with chopped cilantro on the top & serve hot.

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