Ingredients :  
Wheat Flour       : 1/2 Cup
All Purpose Flour : 1/2 Cup
Salt              : To Taste
Oil               : 2 Tbsp + Oil for Deep Frying.
Warm water        : To knead the dough


Mix Flour,oil & salt, by hand or in food processor.
Knead well by adding water to make a hard dough.
Cover it with a wet cloth. Heat oil for Deep Frying.
Divide the roll into lime sized balls.
With the help of rolling pin .. roll each to  disc/circular shape.
Deep fry poori's in hot oil for a minute.. turn side  & fry till puffed & golden in color.

P.S. Differnt people use different combination of flours...
this is the way I use.. even if you dont have
all purpose flour handy .. just use plain wheat flour..

Serve hot or warm with Gorbanzo/Channa masala.  .

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