Sai Bhaji


Spinach         1/2 Bunch.
Fresh Dill      1/2 Bunch.
Onions small    1 Chopped to Chunks.
Potato          1 Diced.
Carrots small   1 Diced.
Peas            1/4 Cup.
Split Peas      1/4 Cup.
Serrano Peper   To Taste.
Ginger chopped  1 Tsp.
Salt            To Taste.
Tumeric         1/2 Tsp.  
Oil             1 Tbsp.
Water           1 Cup.

Seasoning :  

Oil             1 Tbsp
Garlic          2 NOs.
Chilli Powder   To Taste.
Cumin powder    To Taste.
Coriander Powder 2 tsp.

Method :  

Soak the Split peas in water for an hour & drain.
Clean & chop all the veges.Heat Oil in Pressure Cooker.
Stir in all veges,add Water ,salt & tumeric.
Pressure cook on high for 15 minutes.
Reduce to medium,cook for another 10 minutes.
Let cool for sometime, Season & adjust to taste.