Spagethi Neapolitan



Spagethi          1 Packet
Tomatoes large     6 Nos blanched & peeled.
Onions             1 No Chopped
Ginger paste       1 Tsp.
Garlic crushed     2 Nos.
Green Beans Diced  1/2 Cup.
Carrots Diced      1/2 Cup.
Basil/mixed Herbs  2 Tsp.
Olive Oil          2 Tbsp.
Salt & Pepper      To Taste.
Cheese             As Sprinkle 

Method :  

Cook Pasta according to Package directions,drain .Reserve little Pasta water.
Cook the veges in boiling water for 5 minutes, drain & cool.
Cut the tomatoes & chope the herbs.
Heat a pan with oil, saute onion & garlic,add ginger paste.
Add in chopped tomatoes , herbs & cook for a while.
Mix in veges,salt & Pepper.Add reserved Pasta water,if sauce is thick. 
Mix in Spagethi, & adjust the seasoning & combine to mix.
Sprinkle with herbs & cheese & enjoy hot.