Tamarind Rice

Ingredients : 
Rice         1 Cup
Water        2 Cups
Tamarind Raw      1 big Lemon size ball.
Seasame seeds     1/4 Cup
Coriander seeds   1/4 Cup
Red chillies      15 Nos
Raw Peanuts       1/2 Cup
Salt              Acc to taste


Mustard Seeds      2 Tsp.
Channa dal         1 Tsp.
Urad dal           1 Tsp.
Curry leaves       few.
Hing               2 Tsp. 
Oil                3 Tbsp. 

Additional Flavour 

Coriander seeds    1 Tbsp.
Black Pepper       1 Tsp.
Butter/ghee        1 Tsp.
For the Gravy 

Soak Tamarind in water for an hour & extract the juice. Heat a pan with 2 Tbsp of oil do the seasoning. Add the Peanuts & fry for a minute. Pour in the extract & let it boil till it leaves the raw smell. Dry fry the seasame ,Coriander seeds & grind to a powder. Add the powder, along with salt & mix . Cook till reaches the semi liquid consistency. Cool & set aside. Fry the Coriander & pepper in ghee & grind to powder. Cook the rice with water & cool. For Mixing the rice Mix the Additional flavour ingredients to rice. Add enough gravy & mix gently with 1 Tbsp of Oil. Adjust the seasoning. Preserve the gravy in the fridge , use as & when necessary. Substitute Garbanzo beans instead of Peanuts. Soak the Channa overnight , pressure cook & add to the boiling tamarind. Also substitute Tamarind extract instead of saoking procedure.

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