Vegetable Kurma


Potatoes           3 Nos Peeled .
Peas               1/4 Cup.
Carrots            2 Nos. 
Green Beans        10 Nos Each cut into four pieces.
salt               To taste.
Yogurt             1/2 Cup.
Any Flour          1 Tsp.  rice/corn/AP flour.
Butter             1 Tbsp.

Grind to Paste   

Coconut           1/4 Cup
Poppy seeds       1 Tsp.
Cashew nuts Raw   8 Nos.
Onion             1/2 No.
Garlic            1 No.
Cilantro leaves   few.
Green Chillies    3 Nos or To Taste.

Soak  in water for few minutes , grind to a paste & reserve.

Cut all the veges into similar sizes.
Cook in a cup of water till almost done.
Mix salt,flour ,paste & yogurt in a bowl.
Add to the veges & stir for a few minutes.
Add Butter & adjust the seasanings.
Serve with any variety of rice/rotis.

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