Dry White Peas Subji


Dry White Peas      1 Cup
White Peas 
Tomatoes            2 Nos Chopped.
Salt                Acc to taste.
Chilli powder       1 Tsp 0r Acc to taste.
Brown sugar         1/2 Tsp.
Yogurt/curds        1/2 Cup.
Bay leaf            1 No.
Oil                 1 Tbsp.
Cilantro leaves     For Garnishing
Lemon juice         2 Tsp.

Grind to Powder        

Coriander Seeds    1 Tsp.
Cumin Seeds        1 Tsp.
Cloves             2 Nos
Cinnamon           1 small stick

Fry these in a tsp of oil,grind to powder & set aside.

Grind to paste 

Onions  large       1 No.
Ginger              1 small piece.
Garlic              1 clove
Green chillies      2 Nos. 


Soak the dry White peas overnight & pressure Cook till a Whistle.
Heat a pan with oil,add Bay leaf,paste,salt,& all powders.
Stir frequently,Put in the chopped tomatoes.
Cook till the oil floats on top & add the yogurt.
Cook for a few minutes & mix in with the boiled white peas.
Combine to Cook .Add Lemon juice & garnish with Coriander leaves.
Adjust the seasoning & serve with Roits or Parathas.

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