Yeriseri - Recipe from state of Kerala


Plantain Banana       1 No
Salt                  Acc to taste.
Water                 As required
Grated Coconut        2 Tbsp.

Grind to Paste 

Red Chillies         2 Nos
Black Pepper Corns   1/4 tsp.
Grated Coconut       1/2 Cup.

Fry the spices in little oil & grind to paste with Coconut.

For Seasoning 

Mustard Seeds      1 Tsp.
Curry Leaves       few.
Coconut Oil        1 Tbsp.


Peel & dice the Plantain into cubes.
Add the veges to the boiling water with salt.
Add the paste & cook till thick.
Fry coconut to golden brown in coconut oil.
Add the same to gravy after removing from fire.
Season with mustard seed & curry leaves . 

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